Identity Papers

Identity Papers is the brand & design studio of

Linda Hasking

recently named by design writer and curator, Charlotte Abrahams, as one of the most innovative wallpaper designers in the UK today.

Linda Hasking founder of Identity Papers

In the beginning...

was the word. The story of Identity Papers could have started like that, but it would be more truthful to say 'In the beginning were two hundred and twenty two photos'. These were the shots I took of every single object in my living room and they became my first wallpaper, Mi Casa Su Casa.

The words came later, but that first wallpaper became the foundation and the essence of all that I do. A wallpaper as self portrait and so, with every product I design and make, it's all about you.

And then there's now...

with a growing product range and increasing interest I now offer an eclectic collection of wallpapers available to all-comers, but continue to make bespoke and custom designs that are just for you. That might mean a text wallpaper with lots of fun family references, one that expresses your company's brand ethos through a repeat photo-collage design for your boardroom or reception area. It may be a single perfect moment caught on camera and repeated as a pattern, just as has been done with my Cloud Rococo design.

And because I love paper and words...

the word search theme continues from wallpapers though to wrapping papers and greetings cards.

Of course Word Search Wrap - Standard has a place in everyone's gifting stash as the paper that's right for every occasion. It does have a huge range of words to choose from, whether it be occasion or relationship, but I couldn't help seeing other ways of using this idea. There is now a Christmas card and wrap, modern marriage cards and a clever (even if I say so myself) number card that allows you to circle an age or year. 

People have told me that my wallpaper designs would work beautifully on wrapping papers, so now they do, with Cloud Rococo Wrap introduced recently and others to come.