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Est. 2011



'I believe that our homes, workplaces and communications should hold elements of our personality, making them uniquely perfect for ourselves and those we share them with.

My thoughtful wallpaper designs, homewares and stationery are for those who want their space to have that genuinely personal touch. From word search mugs that allow you to mark out your chosen drink, to bespoke wallpapers filled with your own choice of content, and mix and match wallpaper designs that you can hang your own way, every product I’ve designed helps to express just what makes you ... you!



Design Service

Central to all that the Identity Papers design studio does is the idea that we are each a one-off. The advent of digital wallpaper printing has made production of one-off designs for your walls a reality, too. So, now a uniquely perfect wallpaper can be designed and made for your own unique needs. Made with your choice of words or pictures and to fit your particular wall(s).

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The Collection

My patterns originate with lettering or photography. A word search puzzle fit for boys or girls, woodgrain geometry that can be mixed and matched as you please, and a cloud repeated and reflected like an ink-blot test, and just as open to interpretation. I like to make designs that may be viewed or used in more than one way - your own personal take on life!



The Collection

These items work together or alone. Accent products, such as lampshades and cushions, have been developed alongside the collection wallpapers. So, the same design elements are available to you, whether you'd like them on your walls or as part of your own curation of accessories.

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