You are only added to our mailing list if you have chosen to be on it. You are free to unsubscribe at any time and each newsletter has an unsubscribe button at the bottom. Our mailing list is held with Mailchimp, who operate a tight ship. That means that when you unsubscribe from our mailing list we really do stop sending newsletters to you. We'd be sorry to see you go, but not all good things can last for ever.

The personal information we gather from you as a customer is limited to those things that we need to fulfil an order, to communicate with you about your order, its design and completion, to complete the financial transaction, if there is one, and to send your purchase to you.

We promise not to pass your details on to pests, or even very nice and well-meaning people. Not to anyone at all who isn't involved with your order.

Your payment information and card details are held by our card processing partner, Stripe, or Paypal, and we never have your full details. They are kept safely encrypted within their systems. We see limited information about the payment method used. Just enough to help you identify which card you paid with if you need to discuss that with us at any point.

Your address information, and sometimes your email or phone number, are shared with the company we use to ship your items. Just enough info to help them get it to your chosen delivery address and to contact you if that is needed. Again, it is stored securely. Your full contact details are stored securely in our website system and you will receive some automated notifications direct from there, but we like to communicate in a way that helps you feel and know that you are dealing with real human beings, so we may also email you, or call you using information you provide to discuss your order and ensure that everything will be perfect for you. In this case the email address is also stored in our secure email system.

All personal information is removed from our systems after a period of time unless you have given us permission to hold it indefinitely. If you would like information held to be deleted at any point then please ask. We'll be happy to remove it securely.

If a bespoke design has been made for you we will ask your permission before sharing this. We understand completely if that is something you'd prefer us not to do.