The Joinery Collection - a new way to wallpaper

The way that Woodsman 1 and Woodsman 2 Wallpapers work together is the key to The Joinery Collection

Hot off the Press - Woodsman Wallpapers are now available

Two distinct designs that work perfectly together, or alone, in many ways - Woodsman 1 planks meet Woodsman 2 triangles for a brand new mix and match wallpaper concept allowing you to use MY DESIGNS, YOUR WAY.

I'm always keen to innovate and this time it's by giving you your own choice of how to combine and match panels. That's what makes the most of these versatile new wallpapers. Dip into the guide, below, to see more.

I've placed the opportunity to innovate in the hands of the interior designer, decorator, or homeowner and each installation may be done differently. I suggest hanging a wall of either design broken up with one, or more, panels of the other.

With a palette of muted neutrals and greens there is a warmth that works well with Nordic style and the greys that are still a very popular interiors trend. It’s perfectly suited to the current move towards a hygge home and the inclusion of natural materials.

In fact Charlotte Abrahams, a well known wallpaper advocate and writer of the recently published book, 'Hygge, A celebration of simple pleasures', had the following to say;

'I LOVE these papers - they are textural, warm and witty with it. And you could say, really rather hyggelige.'

A third design and other colour options will follow in 2017 to build on the concept of  democratic versatility.

Woodsman wallpapers are available now on a print to order basis.