FAQs - Bespoke Text Wallpapers

Can you make a wallpaper with my own choice of words?

Yes, I certainly can. Your words can be laid out to read across the wall, up and down the wall, in columns of small text, or as a word search puzzle. There are other possibilities too and I'm always happy to discuss what'll work best.

How many words can I have in a Word Search wallpaper?

This question is a bit like 'how long is a piece of string?' However I can guide you...

Because the number of words that can be accommodated depends on the length and letters in those words, and because I can alter the size of the pattern repeat and font, there is a lot of scope for working with a small or large number of words successfully.

As a guide, my collection design Sugar & Slugs can be seen HERE and has a pattern repeat that includes 20 smallish words. The pattern repeat is 52cm wide and 60cm in height.

I always suggest that you compile a list of all the words you'd like to include starting with those that must be included and ending with those you'd be prepared to forego if they prove difficult to include in the puzzle layout.

Do I have to have a repeat pattern in my Word Search Wallpaper?

No, I can make a mural with no repeat in the words. This usually takes longer, so I charge an additional design fee and this depends on various details. Please make contact to talk about the specifics HERE.

I'd like a passage of text in my wallpaper. What do you suggest?

A short phrase may be best set out so it reads across the wall and repeats regularly. I call this style 'Continuous'. You can order this as 'Bespoke Typography Wallpaper'

A longer passage of text may be best set in columns, as in a newspaper. I call this 'Column Inches Format'.

Song lyrics, poetry and lists of words often look best when set in the style I call Word Stack. Again, this can be ordered as a 'Bespoke Typography Wallpaper'.

Column Inches and Word Stack styles can look like stripes from a distance if the text is small. The detail of the content is then only seen close up. This is a lovely feature as it has a lovely subtlety to it.

Can you advise me what style will be best for the words I'd like to include?

Yes, of course. I'm happy to guide you. Just contact me HERE.

How long will my Custom Wallpaper take?

I am a great believers in 'right, rather than right now'. I use excellent specialists to print my wallpaper designs and this can take up to four to five weeks from sign-off of the digital proof. The design process can be a matter of days or several weeks depending on the complexity of the work required and the dialogue that we share. It's a very collaborative process, so that you have a wallpaper that really feels right for you.

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