FAQs - Photographic Wallpapers


Can you make a wallpaper with my own choice of photos?

Yes, I certainly can.

How many photos will you need?

I can make a repeat pattern with a single, carefully chosen image, or a collage design that includes many.

If you'd like me to work with just one, then let's have a chat about what works best. 

If you'd like a photo collage of many images then I think that around 50 per square meter works well, and if the wallpaper is to be a standard width of 52cm then, for a look similar to my Mi Casa Su Casa - Full Colour 100 is a good target. If the scale in Mi Casa Su Casa - Mono is more to your liking then 40 would be fine. It's very much a matter of taste.

For a commercial project a larger scale might be a better approach and all my designs are scalable for custom orders.

Can you work with landscape and portrait images, or only square?

I can design with landscape, square or portrait format.  I'm also able to work with a mix of formats for a more casual, less structured look. If you'd like me to crop your images to squares, that takes time, so I'll charge a little extra for the service and quote based on the number involved. 

What file type should I send and how do I get them to you?

The best results come when I work with high resolution jpegs i.e. over 300 pixels per inch. I'll send you details of a free file sharing service that I like to use.

How long will my Custom Wallpaper take?

I am a great believer in 'right, rather than right now'. I use excellent specialists to print my wallpaper designs and this can take up to four to five weeks from sign-off of the digital proof.

The design process itself can be a matter of days or several weeks depending on the complexity of the work required and the dialogue that we share. It's a very collaborative process, so that you have a wallpaper that really feels right for you.

Are there additional services that I might Like to add?


Factory trimming                                                               £50 per order

Colour match to a sample or Pantone                              £50 per design

Photo scanning from hard copies                                    £0.30 per photo

Added studio costs for more than 50 photos                  On an hourly rate. Please enquire.

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