BESPOKE Typography Wallpaper

BESPOKE Typography Wallpaper


(Per square meter)

Although best known for Word Search Wallpapers there are many other ways I can arrange text in a design for you and each has a particular look and suitability.

Simply scroll down to order the number of square meters you'd like and we can talk through all the details later, or, if you have any questions or would like help with calculating the area please just make contact HERE - I'm always happy to talk you through ideas.

Column Inches (image 1) is suitable for large passages of text and looks from a distance like subtle stripes , but the text can be easily read up close.

Word Stack suits lists of inspirational words, names or phrases and, again, looks like stripes from afar, but this time more casually formed.

Continuous allows large passages of text to be read across the wall, filling it with words like a book page.

Continuous Grid fills the wall with text that may be read across the full width, but the letters are spaced in a regular formation. See my Quick Brown Fox design for an example of how satisfying this can look.

The content you choose could be your favourite words places, names of your family or heroes, a passage of poetry or your love letters. You will no doubt have ideas I haven't even thought of and I can work with you to make the perfect design for your own space.

Made to fit your wall or printed in rolls for larger spaces and contract use.

This is a paste-the-wall wallpaper specialist-printed on excellent quality matt paper.

Please see the FAQ page and if you'd like to ask a question Click Here


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